Asphalt work

Milling of asphalt concrete pavement, thickness. 5 cm

150 rub/м2

Processing of ground with bitumen emulsion

Bitumen emulsion provide an alternative approach in which the bitumen is liquid acquires the shape due to the dispersion in water. The low viscosity of bitumen emulsions allows good handling capability of stone material without heating and drying them . Final pavement strength is set after the collapse of the emulsion , the removal of water by soaking in road base and evaporation. Solid bituminous phase is formed as a continuous thin film.

20 rub/м2

Pothole repair of asphalt covering

Road , like any other engineering structure subject to various kinds of influences transport and climatic factors (moisture , temperature) , moreover, it has a certain life span. There are various ways operativnogoustraneniya damage and restore the roadbed . The most common way is by far the patching asphalt pavement .
650 rub/м2

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