Cverage of coarse asphalt, thickness 6 cm

550 rub/м2

Asphalting of roads or creating asphalt pavement - this is just one of the last stages device highways. Before turning to asphalt , you need to build high-quality, solid foundation upon which you and laying asphalt . When asphalting territories can be used a different type of grounds ( sand, gravel , asphalt aggregate, vintage concrete) , as well as a different type of coatings ( coarse- grained , sandy asphalt) . Before laying asphalt base processed bitumen emulsion . To a large extent it is the quality of the execution of these works depends on the life of the pavement . Only by adhering to technology ensures the emergence of failures and treschin.Marka asphalt mix depends on the traffic ( number of vehicles per unit . Time) , load (weight of car ) , high-speed mode . All this should be indicated in the draft , or at the discretion of the contracting organization.

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