Pothole repair of asphalt covering

650 rub/м2
Road , like any other engineering structure subject to various kinds of influences transport and climatic factors (moisture , temperature) , moreover, it has a certain life span. There are various ways operativnogoustraneniya damage and restore the roadbed . The most common way is by far the patching asphalt pavement .
Patching the roadway has several advantages: first patching can be done quickly , and secondly, patching does not require huge financial costs, and thirdly, patching can be done without a lot of specialized equipment . Pothole repairs are mobile road construction crews . Patching is one of the kind of maintenance. Patching is made in cases where the surface layer of the device impossible .
Typically, patching asphalt pavement in Russia vypolnyatchasche begin in the spring , although there is also a need for such unscheduled repairs.
Now we consider patching technology . At the first stage is in place tenderloin remontai removed coating material , then made the asphalt paving mixtures , all completed alignment and seal coating laid .
  There are several ways clippings when patching :
- Planers by hot or cold milling,
- Pneumatic obrubochnymmolotkom ,
- Seam chasers .

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